In this episode we’re discussing New York Comic Con Trailers and Search Engine Optimization Tips 101. We’ve been planning a podcast episode on SEO for a while, so here are the basics we know. If you have anything to add to the discussion let us know in the comments!

Listen to the episode here via Episode 12 – Search Engine Optimization — The Nerd Brand

Basic SEO tips
I’m still surprised that the most basic part of optimizing a website is also the most forgotten or neglected. So here’s some tips on SEO basics for a web page.
Meta Titles and Descriptions
  • Title length (up to 60 characters no more than 150 and why)
  • Title structure (order of keywords in title and | or comma?)
  • Description matching content on page
  • Keywords in Description needed? Yes. But where?
  • Keyword Meta tag – do you still need it? short answer, nope.
Web Master Tools – Google Search Console
  • Verify your site – tells search engine there is a real person or entity that owns it.
  • Submit sitemap – tells Google what pages to crawl and you want recrawled.
  • Fetch for render and crawl – tells Google to start crawl and submit links.
Google Analytics
  • Add your snippet – best in the footer.
  • Track behavior – allows you to see how people use your site.
  • Google Trends – allows you to see what people are searching for.
  • Google AdWords – Keyword Research on which terms are the most popular and cost per click.
Social Media
  • PR and traffic from SM > your site (we’ve seen folks be more concerned with sending traffic the other direction. Not useful.)
  • What SM Channels to use
  • Recommended online services/apps to manage accts.
Other online tools/resources