With the rise of marketing automation tools like HunSpot, Act-On and others, where does that leave those of us on a budget? To get the same functionality as our big box competitors we have to settle and decide what our best options are.

For my money I use Mailchimp.

Here’s why:

Cost – for free I can send to several hundred contacts and use the tools to design my own emails.

Recognition – there’s less likely a chance my email ends up in the trash because most email clients (outlook for example) and people trust Mailchimp. Or worse, flagged as spam.

With a free account you get a lot, and I’ve always been impressed with Mailchimp’s service. But the best part is the ease of use with their UI (User Interface) when creating emails and dropping in content and linking.

I personally love clean and gorgeous UI’s because it helps me clearly see my next steps and what’s happening. Cluttered UI’s lead to poor attention spans, and distractions that could cause you to miss a step. With Mailchimp, it’s pretty straight forward.

There’s a paid account of course that’s affordable for workflows and automation. I recommend Mailchimp if you are breaking into online marketing using funnels to get more leads. There are other solutions online besides Mailchimp, I’m just sharing my preference here, and I’m not endorsing Mailchimp or affiliated with them.