In this special episode of Nerd Brand recorded on Halloween 2016, Brandon and I discuss movie marketing scare tactics and 6 real spooky facts about the making and viewing of the movie, The Exorcist. Enjoy!

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Here’s this episodes outline in case you want to read along:

Top tactics used in film:

  • Out of frame shots
  • Background figure
  • Mirror reveals
  • It’s just a cat! Random things appearing.

6 Things about the Exorcist Movie:

Fact #1: Ellen Burstyn (Chris MacNeil) got her permanent spinal injury on the set.

In the scene where Pazuzu-possessed Regan throws mom across the bedroom with superhuman strength, Ellen Burstyn, in reality, was being yanked hard by her harness. The outcome was a blood-curdling scream from Burstyn when she landed on her coccyx, resulting in a permanent spinal injury.

Fact #2: Film Screening in Rome, Italy experienced creepy forces of nature.

It was raining so hard on one of it’s screenings, Series of lightnings and heavy rainfall welcomed moviegoers who were about to enter the theatre. But that’s not the creepiest thing that happened that night, As the film started playing, Unusual noise that is very much louder than thunder can be heard.

Fact #3: Mercedes Mccambridge a.k.a “Regan’s Demon Voice”

Mccambridge is the horrifying voice of Regan, She was hired but she was not included on the end credits. Mccambridge sued them because of this, She was credited for her work eventually.

Years after her involvement in the film, she experienced a lot of trials in life. Her son killed his wife and kids and also himself. Mccambridge even received a suicide letter of resent from his son

Fact #4: The unexplained Fire

A fire destroyed the first set of the film making the shooting delayed. Due to that incident, the interior sets of the MacNeil residence needed repair. The scary tidbit of this incident is that the only room that is spared from the fire is REGAN’s Room.

Fact #5: The Beast’s Number is part of the film’s post-production

Some of the film’s post production editing was done in 666 Fifth Avenue, New York. This led to other people’s claims that the reels of the film was really possessed by the demon.

Fact #6: People involved in the film died during or prior to the release of the film

1. During the film’s production, a set night watchman and a set refrigeration technician both died.
2. Max Von Sydrow’s (who played Father Merrin) brother passed away.
3. Linda Blair’s (who played Regan) grandfatherpassed away while the movie is being filmed.
4. Before the film’s release, Jack McGowan (played Burke) died of flu complications.
5. Vasiliki Maliaros (played Karras’ mother) died after she finished her participation in the film