I’ve blogged about office etiquette, but now I think is time to share my thoughts about social media etiquette. For this post I’m just going to focus on Facebook because of the higher use, and yes, because we saw in the main stream media “fake news” being addressed. This post won’t be political, but as a rule, if you want to raise brand awareness for your company I would stay away from unrelated things to your business, like religion and politics.

Having written that, let’s get on with it.

Don’t be a ________ .

I’ll let you fill in the blank. One of the problems with anything online is the faux anonymity you have to say what you normally wouldn’t say to someones face. But let’s be realistic, they know you, and if you’re not savvy they know where you are. With that, somethings aren’t worth commenting on or responding to. Muting someone on social media is leaving them screaming at a wall. Therefore, think of it like that, you’re getting the last word, but they don’t know it.

Don’t be vague

Being vague online is like being in a group of folks that are sharing an inside joke and you don’t know the joke. Snarky and passive aggressiveness could fit into this as well. If you think I’m gonna try to guess what you’re really posting about, think again. I’ve got a funny cat video to watch.

Don’t vent

I know it’s incredibly frustrating right now in our country. But we are all Americans, and its not a good idea to let all the negative and bad news completely consume your life. That’s surrendering control to someone else your will and thoughts. So when you vent on social media, you’re now a part of that conversation, when all I need is a break from it, and as your friend, I just want to know, “how’s your cat?”

Well, that’s 3 things, take that bloggers with your silly, “top 5” or “top 10″…

Actually I think that’s the biggest things I’ve seen lately. If you know any, I would be interested to hear about them. Let me know in the comments. And as usual head over to nerdbrandpodcast.com to listen to me and Brandon discuss Nerd movies and Nerd marketing. Our latest episode is now available, “Sequels, Prequels, and Reboots oh my…”

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